Customized Casting

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johnny123 am Montag, 11. November 2019 um 01:30

Outer dimension: 鈭?200mm*1100

Weight: 5100 kg

Alloy: ZL114A

Casting method: gravity casting

Mechanical properties: Rm鈮?240 MPa, Rp0.2鈮?200MPa, A鈮? 锛咃紱

Dimensional precision: Class CT 

This large scale product uses 12,000kg of liquid aluminum during pouring and requires high internal quality with no visible defects. It is used on special manufacturing equipment. 

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Our technical team supports our products with expert knowledge, technical and design assistance. With these resources, we can help you identify alloy formulations that meet or exceed your specific property and performance requirements while optimizing the casting processes.

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