Single Table Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine price

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johnny123 am Montag, 11. November 2019 um 01:29

Production Ability: 150sets per month

Machine Applicable Industries:

Sheet metal cabinet, kitchen ware, advertising letters, metal crafts, barbecue oven, ship, airport construction, etc.

1000w fiber laser metal cutting machine Metal Materials:

Specially for stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized plate, many kinds of alloy, etc. If you want to cut high reflection metal materials, such as brass, copper, aluminum etc. We can customize the metal cutting machine according to your demands.

Specification Description:


Laser Source1 set1000watt IPG YLR

Laser Head1 setPRECITEC light cutter

Precise rack & pinion3 setsAlpha from Germany

Reducer3 setsAlpha from Germany

Servo motor and Drive4 setsJapan SANYO DENKI /Panasonic

Linear Guide Rail3 setsTaiwan HIWIN/PMI

Precision Ball Screw1 setTaiwan HIWIN/TBI

Control System1 setCypCut BOCHU

Electric Control1 setFrance Schneider

Gas Circuit Control1 setSMC、CKD、Rexroth、Parker

Water Chilling Equipment1 setS&A

Stabilizer1 set50KVA

Exhaust Blower1 setStandard

Technical Parameters:

Performance indexParameter

Cutting Area (L*W*H)3000mm*1500mm

Positioning precision of X/Y axis±0.05mm/m

Repetitive positioning precision of X/Y axis±0.05mm

Maximum Running Speed100m/min

Maximum Accelerated Speed1.0G

Total Weight3300Kg

Maximum Loading Ability800kg

Machine Size (L*W*H)4600×2600×1650mm

Machine dimension: 5650×2600×1650mm.

Germany IPG Laser Source:


Machine Configuration:

Machine Details:

1. Integrated design laser generator inside machine-makes the space small

2. High-tech mold making suspended alarm light

3. Automatic lubricant system

4. Stainless steel button

5. 17inch controller screen

6. User friendly design controller

7. anti-dust cover on the guiderail

8. two sides positioning

9. saw-tooth blade 30mm gap of each- makes the material wil not fall down after cutting

10. stainless steel ball bearing for material easy feeding


One Machine Includes:

√ Machine bed

√ Laser head

√ Laser source

√ Water chiller

√ Stabilizer and transformer

√ Exhaust blower

√ A pair of Goggle


√ Ceramic rings

√ Protective mirrors

√ Nozzle



Packing Details: One 20GP container


Factory Introduction:

Our company has been founded since 2016. Factory is about 40,000 sqm, 580 people including workers, sales and engineers, etc. 1800 sets annual production ability.

Assist gas:

Operation Requirement:

Purified dry compressed air and high purity oxygen (O2) puritu not less than99.6% and nitrogen (N2) purity not less than 99.9%

1000w fiber laser metal cutting machine Main Features:

1. The famous brand of fiber laser resonator, electronic components, mechanical parts to ensure machine superior stability

2. Open design provides easy loading and unloading

3. Single working table saves space

4. Drawer style tray makes easy collecting and cleaning for the scraps and small parts

5. Gantry double driving structure, high damping bed, good rigidity, high speed and accelerationSingle Table Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine price