bulk Semi Auto Gluer Machine

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psfkefe am Freitag, 27. Dezember 2019 um 02:51
Semi Automatic Bottom Lock Folder Gluer

Semi-automatic lock-bottom pre-fold folder gluer belongs to the four-folding lock bottom equipment. With attractive appearance, it allows paper boxes to be easily filled and opened. An individual frequency converter is arranged at the front and rear of the folder gluer for more easy delivery of paper. Therefore, it is really a more cost-effective and practical model, being specially used for corrugated boxes, such as wine bottle boxes. It features trumpet-free mouths, strong adhesive properties, and crevasse- and crack-free characteristics, etc. It can process at least 3,000 corrugated boxes hourly. It can also be used for gluing various hotel supplies boxes, medicine boxes, cosmetic boxes, and other lock-bottom and non-lock-bottom paper boxes.
Technical features:
Line velocity Continuously adjustable at 3000 box / hour
Applicable paper 300 - 800g/m² paperboard, A/B/C/E flute corrugated carboard
Paper feeding way Belt continuous paper feeding
Use of adhesive Solute type
Required power supply AC380,2.5KW
Weight 2500kg
Size 4500mm×2000mm×1500mm (L * W * H )
Counting range Automatic counting bulk Semi Auto Gluer Machine