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steel pipe bender
The steel pipe bender is a fully automatic pipe bender workstation. The pipe is formed at one time. There are no more processes. The CNC18RED has two automatic feeders that can be automatically fed into the bender. One robot cuts two pipe benders and performs palletizing operations at the same time. Industrial robots are used for loading and unloading and palletizing. The whole process is controlled by PLC. The touch screen man-machine interface is used to improve the overall efficiency. The pipe weld can be automatically identified, so that the pipe bender avoids the weld. Significantly reduced labor and labor costs.
The robot has high efficiency and high stability, and the structure is simple and easy to maintain. It can meet the production of different kinds of products. For the user, the product structure can be adjusted quickly and the production capacity can be expanded, and the labor intensity of the industrial workers can be greatly reduced. It can meet the requirements of flexible clamping to the maximum extent, and can realize the processes of automatic feeding, blanking, workpiece turning, workpiece realigning, etc. for discs, long shafts, gearbox bodies, irregular shapes, metal plates and other workpieces. Claim.
1. Like many automation systems, the robot operation improves the bending efficiency of the pipe fittings, solves the labor intensity and safety risk of manual work, and has the characteristics of 24 hours continuous fatigue-free operation.
2. The robot is controlled by computer system, such as the convenience of numerical control, and the multi-function ergonomics teaching device provided by the robot. The factory equipment engineer can quickly switch the program adaptation of the new product through the teaching device.
3. Repeated positioning accuracy, average hourly error-free interval, and gained wide market recognition with international technical standards.
4. After controlling the production cycle, the production efficiency of the elbow can be greatly improved. In addition to the fixed production and processing cycle can not be improved, automatic loading and unloading replace the manual operation, which can control the beat very well, avoiding the impact on the production cycle due to human factors.
5. It is possible to quickly change the production process by modifying the program and the gripper fixture. The debugging speed is fast, and the time for training the employees is eliminated, and the production can be started quickly.
6. The robotic automatic production line is completely finished by the robot from loading, clamping and unloading, which reduces the intermediate links and greatly improves the quality of the parts, especially the surface of the workpiece is more beautiful.
Feeding arm technical parameters
Specification modelYK-AL30-B-*-R
Processing pipe sizeMax.3000mm  Min.300mm
Processed pipe diameterMax.40mm  Min.15mm
Weld inspection automatic feeding machine Technical parameters
Specification modelYK-AL30-B-W-R
Processing pipe sizeMax.3000mm  Min.300mm
Processed pipe diameterMax.60mm  Min.12mmwholesale CNC Tube Bender CNC