Customized Household Beauty Equipment

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1. The texture and highlight treatment in the water tank, through the refraction of the light, has a very beautiful 3D stereoscopic effect;
2. The outer texture of the handle has spark stripes, which have a strong visual beauty and touch feel;
3. Product size: 36*113mm, not too big or small, not tall or short, it's really just right to hold it in your hand;
4. The fog outlet is in the front and the buttons are in the back, which does not affect the appearance and can customize the LOGO in a large area on the front.
1. The water tank and the middle frame bracket are made of environmentally friendly PC (many water cups are also used with this material);
2. The main body is made of raw material ABS, the solid color is opaque, and the quality is more obvious;
3. The octopus doll is made of food-grade silica gel, which can be disassembled and cleaned without any glue;
4. The bottom silicone anti-skid pad, put it firmly on the desktop.
1. Gold water replenishment will stop automatically for 20S;
2. The amount of fog is large and delicate;
Product parameters
Product NO.: A202
Name: Nano spray water replenishing instrument
Material: ABS + PC + Silica gel
Water tank capacity: 30ml
Power: 1.5W
Input: 5V 鈹€ 0.2ABattery: 200mAh polymer
Charging time: 1.5-2h
Usage time: 0.5h
Atomization: 0.3-0.5ml/20s
Size: 36*113mm
Net weight: 52g
Water black technology
Natural moisturizing beauty
Replenish the water, make the skin moisturized all day!
Make up water continuously for 20s and make us water sufficiently.
Cute look: Octopus adores
The detals are also excellent
Make the skin full of water
A water replenishing instrument =N mask
Nanomist, penetrate into the skin! Moisture replenishment, control oil tight, skin softening, skin beautifying.
Atomizing water into nano water particles. It can easily penetrate through the pores, quickly penetrate into the muscle bottom, and effectively replenish water without making up.
No only water supply, supplement nutrition
Water soluble liquid such as milk, essence, toner and so on.
Remember to dilute 1:90% mineral water!
Ergonomic design, it鈥檚 comfortable to hold
Small and portable, hidden in the bag, water mending spirit. Take it with you, moisturize your skin all the time.
Whenever and wherever possible ease the thirst of 鈥渕uscle鈥?/p>
Anytime, anywhere give skin a comfortable water mist massage!
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