Economic Ac Dc Pulse Tig Welder

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鈼?Our History
Established in 2017, is running by the experienced management who have been working on Welding and Cutting specialty more than 10 years. Focus on the product design, technology innovation and product quality control. Aim to be one of the leading welding and cutting manufacturer in China!
鈼?Our Factory
Factory is located in Shanghai, with convenient transportation access for Export and Import, covers plant over 4000M2 of production facilities (including offices, R&D department, Assembly lines, SMT workshop, warehouse) and employees 105 people
鈼?Our Product
鈼?Product Application
Petrochemical, automotive, nuclear, shipbuilding, steel structures and light industry in General
鈼?Our Certificate
CE, CSA, UL, CCC; Own 9 patents, 4 Computer software copyrights
鈼?Production Equipment
Chip mounter 2pcs, Screen printer 2pcs, Reflow Oven 1pcs, Wave soldering 1pcs, Assembly lines 3pcs, Auto-test Equipment 3PCS, Temperature Chamber 1pcs, Multi-Channel Temperature tester 5pcs, UV Stove 1pcs, Manual packing line 1pcs, Auto wire stripping machine 1pcs, Needle-pressing machine 3pcs, 110/220V transformer 4pcs, load bank 8pcs, 660V transformer 1pcs etc.
鈼?Production Market
The products are widely sold to Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South America.
鈼?Our Service
With our rich experience, we can design the products as customer requirements in a short time, give the customer quick solution; Based on our stable delivery time and good quality control system, will keep the customer receive the good products in time; We will supply the explosive drawing and part list for each model for repairing, and also the after-service manual for ref. Even we will hold training courses for our dear customers if necessary.Economic Ac Dc Pulse Tig Welder


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