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Aluminum Nitride Sintering Furnace
Xi'an Refra Tungsten & Molybdenum Co.,Ltd is one of the best China
aluminum nitride sintering furnace manufacturers and suppliers, and as a
professional company we have our own productive aluminum nitride sintering
furnace factory, welcome to wholesale products from us.

Technical Parameters:
Uniform Temperature Zone Size: Φ460mm×500mm
Max Temperature:1950℃   
Working Temperature:1850℃   
Heater Form:Side tungsten sheet heater as main heater, upper and
                    bottom tungsten rod heater as compensation heater
Charging Method: 5 layers supporting tray, 4 tungsten crucibles arranged on every layer  
Working Atmosphere:Hydrogen and Nitrogen
Add: No.18,North Jinggao Road, Jingwei Industry Park,
Xi’an Economic & Technological Development Zone, Shaanxi,710201, China
Tel:   +86-029-86969919
Fax: +86-029-86969918
Email: xarefra@163.comchina Equipment manufacturers


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