low price X Ray Equipment

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* High frequency high voltage x-ray generator and high precision digital pulse control technology ensure excellent image with low skin dose.
* Digital radiography function, no more film-screen system, simplify the operate process.
* Maximum optimize the image brightness and definition depend on the kV/mA auto trace function
* Electric controlled rotated beam limiting device can satisfy multi-angle and multi-directional anatomical display requirements.
Friendly operate interface
Flexible C-arm design
* Divertible main wheel together with direction wheels make movement more flexible
* Electric support arm make the movement of machine more stable during moving
High definition image system make the crystal-clear image
Digital workstation for the complete examination workflow
*Dicom 3.0 network interface for integration with clinical network, PACS, RIS
* Dual foot brake design, you can operate the machine even you are away from it
* Dual monitor design, real-time displaying the clearing clinical image both inside and outside the operating room.
All angles rotation
Digital mega pixels image system
* High quality image intensifier
* High definition CCD camera
* High-resolution high-brightness monitoring
systemlow price X Ray Equipment


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