Poultry Feed Acidifiers Free Sample

Acidity Regulator is offered by Mintai to improve poultry gut environment for digestion.
Creative Design
1. The substrate of Maillard Reaction melts with acidic substances, meanwhile providing essential amino acids for the body
2. Special core materials can enhance the body's antioxidant capacity and immunity
Active Ingredients for Acidifier
Phosphoric acid(H3PO4) ≧25%, benzonic acid≧1.0%
Product Feature
1 Directly participate in the body metabolism, improve the digestibility of nutrients;
2. Slow down the gastric emptying speed, so that the nutrition gets a full digestion & absorption.
1. Cooperatively use with complete feed while feeding piglet.
2. For poultry digestion
Taste Description
Pure acidity,
Recommendation Dosage
2.0-2.5KG/T (complete feed)
For poultr feed, please contact us for specific dosage.
physical Property
Granular or Powder
Good Fluidity  
Net Weight
25kg/bag for poultr acidifer
Shelf Life
Store poultr acidifer for 18 months under the required condition of dry & cool and keep away from the sunlight. Poultry Feed Acidifiers Free Sample